In the good old days, head of the family took one small life insurance policy cover and rest of the family lived with a great sense of safety. Changing economic and life style conditions are forcing us to take multiple insurance policies spanning across life, motor, property, health, pension and so on. It has now become a bare necessity to have at least 4 policies on an average. While some of these policies are long-term contracts and need to be preserved, others need to be tracked periodically and renewed with care.

Life insurance policies are about protecting your dear ones with adequate cover and ensuring that the ‘cover’ acts better than you during your absence. However, past data indicates that many right policy covers are taken yet many policy holders regret posthumously. This because, the gains could not be passed on to their legal heirs. Why? Either because their family members are unaware of the policy details or policy papers are lost, misplaced, forgotten or even destroyed.

Till now, there is no proven method to preserve the policy bonds, appoint trusted persons (other than the beneficiaries / nominees of the insurance policy) to manage the risk portfolio, view the consolidated risk portfolio.

We never had a common platform to view our consolidated risk portfolio, raise common service tickets, view consolidated premium certificates, view policy dockets, etc.,.

We are in an age that boasts only about going online, going green, going mobile and so on. Then why can’t all these happen to our insurance policies?

Welcome to Karvy Insurance Repository.

Insurance Repository captures KYC data, converts the policies into electronic mode, protects them and takes care of your ongoing servicing needs of policy holders. All you need to do is to open one e-Insurance Account and tag all your insurance policies to this account.

e-Insurance account is free, simple to open and operate, highly secure and always available online. It saves you from the hassles of filling multiple KYC forms when you apply for policies across life, non-life, health and pension products.

You can also appoint Authorized representatives (like Power of Attorney Holders) in case they don’t want to disclose the policy details to their nominees.

Karvy Insurance Repository offers you an irresistible 9 in 1 combo of protection blended with perfection.

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